The Build

Supporting Local Businesses

We use locally sourced materials

All the materials used are locally sourced and arrive daily at our factories loading docks.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our Family Tradition

Seamstresses and Tailors work continuously throughout the day knitting fabrics, sewing borders, cutting to size, and carefully prepping all the fabrication for the mattress build.

Mattress Type

Foam or Traditional

The build starts with it’s core support system.  It can either be a pure foam core without a spring or a traditional core with a spring depending on style of mattress.

Mattress Support

Attention to Detail

We then apply the side and corner support around the springs / foam core.  This ensures proper support around the sides and edges of every mattress.

Comfort Layers

Our Goal Is Your Comfort

The comfort layers are then carefully placed on top of the support system.  This is where the layering of latex / memory foam / gel foam / nano coils / etc would be applied.  This is a very tedious and controlled process which is vital to the overall comfort of each mattress.

Mattress Padding

Cotton / Wool / Gel Memory Foam

After completion of the comfort layers, we then apply the top padding / stuffing of the mattress.  The options could range from organic cotton stuffing, wool batting, or even thin layers of Cool Gel memory foam.  This top layer ranges vastly between all models.

Upholstery Fitting

Knitting For A Perfect Sleep

The next phase is the upholstery phase.  This is where our fabrics are properly fitted for each mattress.  The side fabric, top fabric, and bottom fabric all get knitted properly together for a snug and accurate fitting.

Tradition in Craftsmanship

Extra Support

After the fabric is all set in place, we then send it to our tape edge process.  This is where one of our craftsmen use a industrial size tape edge machine to bring each mattress together.

Quality Assurance

Dedication To Excellence

After the mattress has been completed.  It goes through a specific quality assurance test, which requires approval by the factory foreman prior to being made available for sale.

Final Steps

Warranty / Label / Packaging

The plastic is then applied to each mattress, with the proper labels and warranties being included.

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